Erotic massage therapist, 27 years old. An expert in the advanced techniques of the erotic massage.

Her delicate body and natural breasts will take you to a plane of unknown sensations. Enjoy her breath-taking body and her delicate porcelain hands ardent as a volcano. Ultimately sexy and erotic.

Creative and versatile. Her massage is a perfect combination between sensuality, daintiness and lots of desire. Travel to the essence of erotism and let her wrap you up in a world of caresses that will unveil your most pleasurable erogenous zones.

Inna gets involved in her massages in a very special way, a perfect combination of sensibility and experience.

She will make you reach maximum pleasure again and again.

Surrender yourself to the caresses and let her enjoy you as much as you from her.

Let her make your massage a journey into another dimension that will embed itself in your memories forever.

A luxury within reach.

Available services:
For Men: YES.      For Ladies: YES.      For Couples: YES.