We have four rooms: Fire, Earth, Sea, Air and a VIP room, Nirvana; that create very different atmospheres to be able to satisfy the needs of our clients. All rooms have the necessary equipment to fully enjoy the massage. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience.


Due to its privileged location in the heart of Malaga, Tantra Corporal Center is the ideal setting for private celebrations in an intimate setting.

We offer you a different experience with maximum privacy. Enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere with your friends and our beautiful masseurs in our VIP Nirvana room, with unbeatable views of the Cathedral and the Alcazaba.


Our most powerful zone. Its energy represents stability and creation.

A space where you will be in tune and connected with the center of our planet.

The good vibrations and the tantric ambient will shroud you until you fully disconnect from everything.

It’s an experience you can’t miss out on.


Our room with the most energy, where you can connect with your most fiery inner self.

An ideal space (en suite room) where you will connect with explosion of sensations you will experience with our massage therapist.

A journey into the essence of the most invigorating energy.


Our most ethereal room, where everything is so ephemeral it lures you to enjoy your massage with all the intensity of your senses.

Let yourself be carried away into a space between the clouds where you won’t distinguish reality from fantasy.


You will connect with the energies from the bottom of the sea.

Its marine atmosphere will get your senses to flourish.

A room decorated for the ocean lovers, from the power of water and all it represents.

An immersion into the deep sea to connect with the vibrations of the most intense pleasure.